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The Inadequacy of a 5 Mile Buffer for Border Security


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Rape Tree Followup - A Look At The Numbers

Border Wilderness - Too Dangerous For The Public
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Headlines on Federal Lands and our UNSECURE BORDER


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How The West Was Lost - Original Version (2007)
Wildlands Project


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The following short presentations were created by the Western Heritage Alliance.  We hope you will find these presentations informative and helpful in understanding the complex issues related to Federal Wilderness designation.

"Wilderness On The Border"

This presentation presents information obtained from a National Park Study and a Department of Interior Threat Assessment report about the devastating impacts of designated federal Wilderness on our country's southern border. 

View the video commentary from Congressman Bishop (Utah) regarding the information in this NPS and DOI reports.

"What is Wilderness"

This presentation provides an overview of what is involved in a Federal Wilderness designation, separating the "spirit" of wilderness from the reality of the legislative designation of wilderness.   This presentation takes a high level look at the impacts and ramifications that result from Federal Wilderness designation. 

"Wilderness... Understanding the Impacts on Ranching"

This presentation goes through a very brief history of ranching, and looks at several of the ways that a Federal Wilderness designation impacts ranching operations, rangeland and wildlife conservation.  This presentation will give the viewer a much better understanding of why the ranching community is so concerned about proposed Federal Wilderness designation for lands that have active grazing allotments and existing ranching operations.


People for Preserving Our Western Heritage, The New Mexico Farm Bureau
and Crystal Clear Productions of New Mexico
produced a documentary titled


This video was originally recorded in August of 2007, and was developed
as a rebuttal to specific proposals for Federal Wilderness designations
in Dona Ana County, New Mexico.  It was updated in 2010.

How The West Was Lost
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We also have two short clips on the realities of Wilderness designation:

Commercial Clip 1
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Commercial Clip 2
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These videos are also available on YouTube or Vimeo.

How The West Was Lost - 2010 Version

Original 2007 Version:

How the West Was Lost - Original Version Part 1
How the West Was Lost - Original Version Part 2
How the West Was Lost - Original Version Part 3

Commercial Clip 1
Commercial Clip 2

Special Thanks go out to the New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau, Erik Ness and Randy Brown with Crystal Clear Productions of NM for their efforts.


The audio and video of the Las Cruces City Council meeting from Tuesday, 1/29/08 is available on the city's website.  Tom Cooper and Frank DuBois made a presentation to the Council on our proposed legislation.


We have developed some audio/visual presentations which provide an overview of the complex issues related to Federal Wilderness designation, and the impacts of a Federal Wilderness designation on ranching operations.